Hills & Valleys in Green

This is the Columbia River flowing through Wenatchee, WA.  The road will take you up switch backs to the top of Badger Mountain.  There you will find the most wonderful view of the area. You will be surprised when you get to the top and find that the road no longer climbs.  Rolling hills with farms, wheat fields, cattle and old homesteads dot the area.

DSC_0285Once off the main road you are on gravel roads.  The population has dropped off to nothing, hardly.

Hard to read the signs as target practice is a necessity in this part of the country, almost!


We drive by old farms abandoned years ago and some that are newer.  No cars go by you.  DSC_0300

A working ranch/farm with a brightly painted barn is part of the scenery along the way.


Many days have gone by since this home was bustling with activity.


A lone fence post with some type of personality still holds up its end of the deal.  Looks to be a replacement was added, just for support.DSC_0313

The beauty is rewarding to the soul.  Thanks for taking this little trip with me!


So Close Yet So Far Away

We turned off the busy freeway to find total seclusion in the silent green forest.  Driving forward, we had no idea of how long it would take to get to the next road that would lead us back to the freeway.

The lush green of early spring was everywhere.  The sun tried, now and again, to penetrate the green of the forest.  Water rushed down streams, fresh and clean from melting snow on high peaks surrounding us.

Seldom we would catch the noise of the freeway.  We were so close but yet so far away.  Nice, cozy and rejuvenating to our being.



Norway…..What did Julie Pratt just say to me???? “Want to go to Norway with me?”  I could not believe my ears.  Of course, my reply was “What?”

The picture posted above is Drammen, Norway taken from a knoll very close to where Grandma Anna lived when she was a girl.  The house nor any buildings  stand but the whole idea is there.  The stories Grandma use to tell me were there, right there.   It had a lovely view, grassy, tall trees and a wonderful vantage point with the base of the area being rock.  Her father use to walk to work at a metal factory (not sure on that ).

The town was picture perfect.